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  • EricMusco schrieb:

    Hey folks,

    In Game Update 5.8, we’re giving the Conquest system a pretty big overhaul. This thread is meant to talk through all of the changes that are coming and to answer any follow-up questions that you have! For starters, we wanted to resolve the reward delivery issues we have had in the past. While the team was in there, they decided to give the system a touch up.

    The user interface (UI) is the first place you will notice changes, as the entire Conquest UI has been reworked. You will notice that the top bar has been updated to separate your Solo and Guild Conquests from each other. The solo tab will clearly list the current Conquest Objectives and your progress towards your personal goal. The Guild tab (called Guild Invasions) will show the planetary leaderboards and Guild rewards along with two new things. A section which shows a contribution leaderboard within your Guild and a button ‘Current
  • KeithKanneg schrieb:

    Hey everyone,

    I think for all of us, this Roadmap process we started last year could stand a bit of improvement. Instead of providing information every 90 days or so, it’s taking a lot longer to get you any information about what we’re planning, and honestly, that needs to change. I’m still reticent about communicating details beyond 90 days, but I do want you to be comfortable with our direction and where we are headed.

    With this in-mind, we’ve decided to use the Forums as the means to get you the information about the next couple months versus waiting for a Roadmap. This will allow us to be more responsive to your questions, address your concerns, and maintain a better dialog going forward. It also helps us (especially me) to stay available and not make it seem like we’ve disappeared into the ether. Here is what you can expect in March and April this year (2018):

    March 13 – Game Update 5.8 -
  • "Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Liebe teilen – Gameplay-Highlights im Februar"

    Teilt eure Liebe für SWTOR mit Freunden – 13. bis 27. Februar
    Wir geben unseren Spielern gern BELOHNUNGEN – es wäre super, wenn ihr eure Liebe für Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ mit euren Freunden teilen könntet, dann gibt es nämlich Belohnungen für alle!
    Premium-Spieler werden im Februar belohnt – Liebe teilen:
    • Ladet Freunde mit eurem persönlichen Empfehlungslink ein, um Belohnungen wie Kartellmünzen, Kampfdroiden und mehr zu erhalten! Unter "SWTOR Lade einen Freund ein" erfahrt ihr mehr über die großartigen Belohnungen des Empfehlungsprogramms.
    • Teilt eure Liebe für Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, um euren Freunden, die bis zum 27. Februar 2018 Premium-Spieler werden, 30 Tage Gratisspielzeit zu schenken, wenn sie den Aktionscode "SWTORSHARETHELOVE" für ihr Benutzerkonto einlösen, indem sie ihn auf www.SWTOR.com/de/redeem-code eingeben. (Codes müssen bis zum 27. Februar 2018 um 09:01 Uhr MEZ eingelöst

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