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SWTOR: Changes Coming in 5.2

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    • Es gibt die nächsten Infohappen, diesmal bezüglich der Fraktionswahl auf Iokath:

      EricMusco schrieb:

      Hey folks,

      As we mentioned in our PvP post last week, and on our original 5.2 livestream, when you arrive on Iokath you will be able to choose which Faction you want to side with in the War for Iokath. We know that there will be many questions coming off of this around what this actually impacts so we want to clear up exactly how this works, and exactly what it affects. First, to avoid any confusion: The faction you choose has no effect at all outside of Iokath. It only impacts story choices in the Iokath storyline (and future stories) and some gameplay impacts on Iokath.

      Let’s start by talking about how the Faction choice works mechanically. You will be able to choose which Faction you want to side with initially during your character’s storyline on Iokath. Once you have completed the storyline and have access to the daily area, there is a terminal you can activate to switch sides once per day. Using this terminal does not override your story choice, but it does allow you to join your friends and play the opposite side’s daily missions if you so choose. Now that you know how you move between Factions, let’s talk about what you can do on each side:
      • The Faction choice you make during the storyline does have story consequences, so choose carefully! This is the choice that will be remembered in future storylines.
      • After the story, your current Faction will determine what base and Daily Missions you can access.
      • Completing a Daily Mission will award you with Reputation for your chosen Factions rep track on Iokath.
      • Killing enemies can drop Reputation consumables for your chosen Faction.
      • In open world PvP, players’ allies and enemies are determined by their currently selected Faction.
      • If you do anything off of Iokath such as Warzones, Operations, etc. your Class’s Faction is what will determine things as normal.

      Let us know if you have any questions about Faction switching on Iokath or its impact.


    • Und der nächste Infohappen kurz vorm Livestream heute abend :

      EricMusco schrieb:

      Hey folks,

      Coming with Game Update 5.2 is a new quality of life feature, a revamped Galaxy Map. Aside from just being improved aesthetically, it also provides new functionality. We really wanted to improve players’ ability to travel around the galaxy, let’s talk about what is new with the Galaxy Map:
      • You must have a personal ship to use the Galaxy Map. Make sure you’ve completed the early part of your Class Mission!
      • You can access the Galaxy Map from anywhere by simply pressing the icon on your mini-map, navigate to it through the top UI, or use the shortcut key (Shift+M by default).
      • Takes advantage of Legacy Perks:
        • If you’ve acquired the Quick Travel perk, you can travel directly to your personal ship from the Galaxy Map.
        • If you have a Priority Transport/Planetary perks, you will have a zero credit cost to travel to that location from the Galaxy Map.
        • The Priority Transport perks function the same, but they no longer have a cooldown. Allowing you to travel quickly to different locations.
      • You can now use Quick Travel while located inside ship hangers.

      As you can see these changes should allow you to travel easily around the Galaxy and can save you the walk to your ship. Let us know if you have any questions about the functionality of the updated Galaxy Map. Tune in to our stream today where we will be showing it off.


      Die neue Galaxiekarte wird auch ein Teil des heutigen Livestreams sein.
    • Fast durchgehend gleichbleibende Kommentare zu diesem Feature bei Dulfy:

      You can now use Quick Travel while located inside ship hangers."
      It took you 5+ years guys, but thanks anyway.

      gefolgt von lustigen Gifs:

      Ich bewundere nach vor jeden der diesem Spiel noch die Treue hält, dass meine ich nicht sarkastisch. Aber was EA/BW hier mit zahlenden Kundschaft veranstaltet...