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SWTOR: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap

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    • SWTOR: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap

      KeithKanneg schrieb:

      Hey everyone,

      We are quite a few weeks away from publishing the next 90 day update for our SWTOR Roadmap. We solidified our content plan and release schedule, so I’ll include all those details in the update. But, as you know, we’re really trying to provide you with more insight than ever before, and I’d like to know what other information you’d want to see in the Roadmap. Obviously, I can’t promise to include everything, but will do my best to address a wide variety of your requests.

      Many of you read the SWTOR roadmap (swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20170531), and realize I had left you with an elusive “and more to come…” in the Game Update 5.4 section. I thought this would be a good time to let you know what will be released on August 22nd with the next game update. Here’s a few highlights of what you can expect:

      • Crisis on Umbara – Our story will continue in a new Flashpoint coming on the planet of Umbara. This Flashpoint will launch with all 3 difficulties, Story, Veteran and Master. For Umbara’s Master Mode we are trying something new, and depending on how well it goes, we may do something similar for all Master Mode Flashpoints. Specifically, a player will need to have an average gear rating of 242 to use Group Finder. We won’t prevent pre-made groups from going in directly, but this will prevent under-geared players from slowing down your group. We’re adding a new average rating identifier on your character window which will be based on the items you have ‘equipped’.
      • Umbara Stronghold – This is the most unique stronghold yet, as you will be able to decorate your own moving train. You’ll need to complete the flashpoint a few times to gain access to the stronghold. Look for more details about the Stronghold in an upcoming post.
      • Companion Customization – Senya Tirall can now have her weapons and armor customized. Also, Lana, Koth, and Senya’s hairstyles are available for purchase to customize your character.
      • Quality of Life – Companions can now be summoned while moving.
      • A new feature on the in-game Preference screen has been added for higher graphic settings to improve the realism of contrast and shadows.
      • Class balance – The following Disciplines are receiving changes (details will follow in the next few weeks):
        • Lethality / Ruffian
        • Concealment / Scrapper
        • Medicine / Sawbones
        • Fury / Concentration
        • Carnage / Combat

      • Season 8 will be coming to an end! We will post the full breakdown of rewards with screenshots in the coming weeks but in the meantime… the top rewards include a full weapon set and a new Ember Makrin Mount.
      • We are making changes to daily and weekly mission rewards for PvP with the intent of substantially improving Unassembled Component gain for players who complete both Ranked and Unranked missions.

      Back to the Roadmap update for a moment as I’d like to provide some guidelines about the feedback. Be concise and specific. Think how it will affect other players, fairness, progression, impact, to help us truly understand and weigh your thoughts against the entire plan/direction.

      Keep in mind, our goal for this year was to put us on a track of providing new and challenging multi-player content, while addressing all the gameplay systems in SWTOR. It does mean spreading content out over the year, but I still believe having access to content sooner is more desirable than having to wait a year to get it all at once.

      Chat with you all soon.


    • Nächstes Update hierzu :

      EricMusco schrieb:

      Hey folks,

      Keith, Charles, and I wanted to apologize for our lack of posting this week. The whole team has been pretty heads down working on a variety of things and so we haven't paid you forum-goers our usual love. Here are a variety of things we have updates on or seen questions about.

      • Class Changes in 5.4 - We will make posts around each of the upcoming Class changes, akin to what we did with 5.3. My hope is to start those next week. Either way I will give you a better idea of timing next week.
      • Season 8 Rewards - The rewards blog is nearly finished and will contain all the deets, including tier breakdowns and reward screenshots. I am pretty confident it will go up next week as well. I will give you a status update next week.
      • Unassembled Component Changes - As Keith alluded to previously, there are Unassembled Component changes coming to PvP Mission Rewards. The TLDR is that we want you to be able to get more Unassembled Components each week overall while also making Ranked play a bit more appealing. We are in the final stages of locking down these exact numbers and so look for a post on this next week with the specifics.
      • Follow-up to Master Mode Ops Drops - Based on your feedback from the discussion thread, we are planning to add Unassembled Components to Master Mode boss drops with GU 5.5.
      • Follow-up on Bolster discussion - It was clear from the discussion thread that most of you would like to see Bolster go as high as possible, while still meeting our teams goal of having gear progression be relevant. We will be increasing Bolsters to 242 in PvP for GU 5.5 as well.
      • Umbara Stronghold - There were some questions about how this works. In short, you will need to run the Flashpoint to earn currency. That currency can be used to purchase rewards from a vendor, including a key to purchase the Stronghold. Once you have the key, you can then unlock the Stronghold for a reduced amount of Credits/CC. You cannot outright purchase the Stronghold, it has to be earned by running the Flashpoint to get the key.

      Thanks everyone.



      Etwas spezifisches zum Umbara Stronghold:

      KeithKanneg schrieb:

      You're on a roll today! :cool:
      The idea here is to reduce the cost of buying a stronghold by using your investment in time to lower the overall acquisition cost versus paying the full pop with either Cartel Coins or credits. We thought, hey, let's try something new where an activity you'd do anyway, you could benefit from your efforts and obtain a key from a currency you automatically get by running the Flashpoint.

      Unless we change it before release, 10x for Story/solo mode, or 6x for Veteran, or 3x for Master Mode will give you enough currency to buy the Key from the vendor. What I don't know, yet, is the reduction amount for credits or Cartel Coins. Soon as that gets finalized, we'll post it up.


    • Und mal ein Post den die ruhig mal hätten früher machen können , das hätte denen vielleicht eine Menge Erklärungen erspart :

      KeithKanneg schrieb:

      Great questions. As I outlined in the Roadmap, we are returning to our MMO roots, but as everyone knows, we were focused on story development and left most MMO content alone for the past couple years.

      To change our direction, we had to retool, reorganize, hire new talent, and get everyone on board with the changed direction. That takes time, so we made a choice and decided to release the Operation Boss encounters one at a time. This gave us more time to design, polish, test, and get insight directly from players, versus making everyone wait all year before we released 5 new bosses.

      It wasn't an easy decision, as we knew we were going to be criticized while impacting progression efforts. But, honestly, it was the right call. We're discussing future content, how to release it, what's going to be included, and when, but we won't be ready to disclose our next year's plans for a while.

      I know that's vague, yet it gives you an idea of where we're headed.



      *Edit* Und eine mehr oder weniger gute Nachricht , für die mit mehreren Twinks:

      KeithKanneg schrieb:

      As of right now, it is not a Legacy currency. But, I know exactly what you're thinking, so let me pre-announce something which I suspect will make you smile, while at the same time, irritate you because I won't tell you when until I update the Roadmap. :eek:

      We are working to change currencies to be Legacy based. This includes unassembled components, credits, the Umbara currency, and more. I'm not aware of any major obstacles preventing this from happening, and doing so will help with a number of changes we are planning for the future.

      I know that doesn't solve the concern about having to run the Flashpoint multiple times on one character, but once you have the Key to open the Stronghold, you can use the currency for other items on the vendor.

      Have a good weekend,


    • Yeah... Dann sehe ich was ich auf allen meinen Chars an Credits habe - 100.000 pro Char *rofl* :D ...

      Je nach dem wie die das umsetzen wird es sehr gut oder eher weniger gut werden... Weniger gut vor allem wenn sie in Bezug zu bestimmten Währungen die Caps beibehalten und nicht anpassen bzw. entfernen werden...

      MfG Ishi

      "Light" and "Darkness". Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

      There are many ways.

      But only within the "Shadows" everything unites .

    • Nächster Infohappen für 5.4 betreffend der Unassembled Components :

      EricMusco schrieb:

      Hey folks,

      As we have mentioned a few times over the past couple of weeks, we are planning some Unassembled Component changes in GU 5.4. This thread is to outline the exact changes you can expect. We had a few goals we wanted to focus on:
      • Increase the overall Components a character can get each week via Missions.
      • Increase incentive for Ranked Warzones to increase participation and to ensure it is being properly rewarded compared to unranked.
      • Shift some of the rewards from the Daily Missions into Weekly Missions so it is less punishing if you miss a day.

      With that in mind, here are the specifics!

      Unranked - Overall, Component rewards earned per week unchanged.
      • Daily Mission: Now rewards 10 Components, down from 12.
      • Weekly Mission: Now rewards 54 Components, up from 40.

      Ranked - Large changes were made here to really amp up the value of Ranked Missions.
      • Solo Daily: Now rewards 15 Components, down from 16.
      • Solo Weekly: Now rewards 100 Components, up from 30.
      • Group Daily: Now rewards 30 Components, up from 20.
      • Group Weekly: Now rewards 200 Components, up from 60.

      It is worth noting that the Command XP values of almost all of these Missions have also been buffed. The same is true of the Ranked Season Tokens that you earn from the Ranked Missions. Those are the Mission changes you can expect for Ranked and Unranked coming in 5.4. Thanks everyone.


    • Änderungen für die Schurken - Ruffians /Sabo - Lethality:

      EricMusco schrieb:

      Hey folks,

      Below are the upcoming changes for Lethality and Ruffian along with the notes from the dev team on why they are occurring.

      Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.

      • Corrosive Assault weapon damage has been increased by 13.97% but it no longer triggers Toxic Blast damage
      • Corrosive Assault no longer deals additional damage per poison effect. Instead, Corrosive Assault weapon damage now triggers additional damage from your periodic poison effects
      • Toxic Blast now costs 10 Energy and deals 14.29% more damage

      • Brutal Shots weapon damage has been increased by 13.97% but it no longer triggers Sanguinary Shot damage
      • Brutal Shots no longer deals additional damage per bleed effect. Instead, Brutal Shots weapon damage now triggers additional damage from your periodic bleed effects
      • Sanguinary Shot now costs 10 Energy and deals 14.29% more damage

      DevNotes: The Lethality / Ruffian discipline was overperforming, so we made a few changes that lower its DPS down to the appropriate
      target. Corrosive Assault / Brutal Shots saw the bulk of the changes for Lethality / Ruffian because the ability was responsible for the bulk of
      the discipline’s damage. The triggered damage from Lethality / Ruffian periodic effects is less than the poison / bleed damage from the
      Corrosive Assault / Brutal Shots ability which it is replacing, causing overall DPS output to go down.

      The increase to Toxic Blast’s / Sanguinary Shot’s cost along with the fact that it is no longer triggered by Corrosive Assault / Brutal Shots
      weapon damage means that its overall effectiveness has been reduced as well. We increased the energy cost of Toxic Blast / Sanguinary Shot
      because energy management for Lethality / Ruffian was trivial to the point that Adrenaline Probe / Cool Head and Rifle Shot / Flurry of Bolts

      often never needed to be used by the discipline.

      Thanks everyone.


    • EricMusco schrieb:

      Below are the upcoming changes for Concealment and Scrapper coming in Game Update 5.4.

      Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.

      • Acid Blade's damage has been reduced by 27.78%
      • Collateral Strike's damage has been reduced by 27.68%

      • Flechette Round's damage has been reduced by 27.78%
      • Flying Fists’ damage has been reduced by 27.68%

      DevNotes: The Concealment / Scrapper discipline was dealing more DPS than intended, so we made a couple changes to shrink it down a bit.
      These changes allow the Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel to still deal decent burst damage while having their sustained damage

      output brought in line with the DPS target.



      EricMusco schrieb:

      Below are the upcoming changes for Carnage and Combat coming in Game Update 5.4.

      Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.

      • Reduced the critical strike damage bonus granted by Sever from 15% to 10%
      • Reduced the damage bonus to Ataru Form attacks granted by Ataru Mastery from 5% to 3%

      • Reduced the critical strike damage bonus granted by Saber Storm from 15% to 10%
      • Reduced the damage bonus to Ataru Form attacks granted by Ataru Mastery from 5% to 3%

      DevNotes: The Carnage/ Combat discipline was overperforming, so we reduced the effectiveness of two key passives to bring their DPS back
      in line with the target.


    • Diesen Montag gibt es die nächste Roadmap , mit deren Plänen (für ich schätze mal den Rest diesen Jahres) für die nächste Zeit :

      KeithKanneg schrieb:

      Hi all,

      The final changes are done and we're prepping the Roadmap to be available in the afternoon on Monday, October 2, 2017 in English, French, and German.

      I know with the last Roadmap, I gave you tidbits of information along the way, but I haven't this time as I really wanted you to experience the entire message. When you see it on Monday, it'll all make sense and I honestly can't wait to hear your feedback about what we have planned.

      Have a great weekend.


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