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SWTOR: Aktuelle Launcherprobleme bei Vista und XP Betriebssystemen

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    • SWTOR: Aktuelle Launcherprobleme bei Vista und XP Betriebssystemen

      Der SWTOR Launcher hat seit dem Launcher Update vor kurzem Probleme mit den Vista und XP Betriebssystemen , falls das bei wem auch der Fall ist , hier die offizelle Antwort dazu :

      EricMusco schrieb:

      Hey folks,

      Before we get into the fix we strongly recommend that any users who are on XP or Vista upgrade their OS to Win 7 or newer if at all possible. This will allow you to play SWTOR going forward without any need for this fix. If you upgrade at a later date after using it, additional steps will likely be required to get SWTOR to run. This could even include a full re-install.

      Note: Only use the below solution if you are receiving the "Certificate Authentication Failed" error on a Windows XP or Vista PC! Issues on any other OS or any other errors will not be addressed.

      Spoiler anzeigen
      Here are the steps to take:
      • Restart your computer! This is very important as it ensures that no versions of the launcher are currently running.
      • Download this utility: cdn-patch.swtor.com/patch/Laun…ityP1.8.2_EOL_xpvista.exe
      • Run the launcher repair utility (note this utility will force your launcher to be on BitRaider, this is mandatory for the fix to work)
      • Once complete, start your launcher and you should now be able to login normally. (If you were on SSN and had to switch to BitRaider you should expect a lengthy verification period. This is normal!)

      If this does not work, here are a few things to check:
      • If the launcher will not run or you are still receiving the error. Restart your computer and then ensure the launcher is not running in task manager. Then follow the steps above to run the utility..
      • The launcher repair utility will attempt to remove a folder called "patch" from the SWTOR directory. The launcher may not run properly if this delete did not occur. You can try deleting this folder manually and then follow the steps above to run the utility.

      This fix will allow your game to continue to run until October. It may run beyond that, but there are no guarantees.

      This launcher issue has highlighted for us that going forward, we will be unable to support Windows XP and Vista for The Old Republic. Since Microsoft has discontinued support for both of those OS, we will need to follow suit since we cannot reliably fix any issues that could arise.

      The fix above will allow you to continue to access SWTOR until October. Beyond that, should any other issues crop up for XP or Vista users we will be unable to provide any assistance.

      Thank you for your patience as we worked through this!



      Scheint also auch so langsam das Ende zu sein für SWTOR bei den älteren Betriebssystemen , wobei ich es mir kaum noch vorstellen kann , das davon viele betroffen sein werden :) .