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SWTOR: Teases More Returning Companions and Roadmap Mid-Feb

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    • SWTOR: Teases More Returning Companions and Roadmap Mid-Feb


      Hier einmal ein paar kurze Infos...


      Bioware had a short developer livestream today detailing some of the more upcoming content in the future.

      Link to Twitch VoD

      • This is the year of returning companions – Jaesa, Kira were mentioned as some of the companions
      • Roadmap will be coming mid-Feb. They are still working on it today. Jan is the month where they do planning for the whole year so they can’t give you the roadmap until Feb.
      • Solo-Ranked cross faction is still on the “to work on” pile.
      • There is an Origin deal going on for subscription right now where you can get 60 days of subscription for $20. Origin link
      • When they do the roadmap in mid-Feb, there will be another livestream to go on the details of the Roadmap.



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