SWTOR : Conquest Changes in 5.10

  • Hey folks,

    With all of the Guild Changes coming in Game Update 5.10, we also wanted to make some changes to Conquests. As you will learn later today on PTS, Guild Leveling and Perks are tied directly into Conquests, so there is no better time than this update to make some changes.


    Before we dive into the specifics we want to ensure that you understand what we are trying to achieve with Conquests in 5.10. Keep these goals in mind as you review the planned changes.

    • We want to continue to ensure you expect weekly consistency in Conquest Objectives. We are doing this for three reasons:

      • We heard your feedback from our first round of Conquest changes that you felt that there should be Objectives in every Conquest for most gameplay styles.
      • With Guild Perks, players will have the ability to add new Daily Repeatable Conquest Objectives to fit their Guilds playstyle.
      • Guild XP is tied to Conquest Points and so you need to know what to expect in each week’s Conquest reliably.
    • Create methods to allow players to earn more Conquest points.
    • Incentivize Guilds to commit earlier to prevent “planet sniping.”


    • The following Objectives have been added to every Conquest:

      • Complete any Chapter (repeatable)
      • Complete any round of the Eternal Championship (repeatable)
      • Complete Round 10 of the Eternal Championship (daily)
      • Defeat enemies anywhere, you must complete step 1 before you can complete step 2, etc:

        • 1: 100 Enemies (daily)
        • 2: 125 Enemies (daily)
        • 3: 250 Enemies (daily)
      • Obtain 8 badges in a Warzone (repeatable)
    • The following Objectives have been removed”

      • Defeat Imperial / Republic Guards
    • Guilds will now earn a small bonus on all Conquest points earned once they have committed to a planet. The team is trying to balance the bonus % between offering incentives to Guilds for committing early, and not “planet sniping” but we also don’t want to punish Guilds who don’t immediately commit. I am still working with the dev team on locking down the exact bonus but will get it for you next week.

    In addition to the changes above, there are a number things that are a part of Guild Leveling and Perks which will also impact Conquest.
    Definitely take a look at those posts!

    Please let us know your thoughts as Conquests are a big part of the Guild changes in 5.10. Thanks everyone.