SWTOR: Guild Perks in 5.10

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    There are a lot of changes coming to Guilds in 5.10. Be sure to read up on the Conquest changes and especially all about how Guild Leveling works. Guild Leveling is especially relevant to understanding Guild Perks. Let’s start with what Guild Perks are, how you get them, and how you use them. At the bottom of the post I will include a very large list
    of some very specific Guild Perks we are looking at using.

    What is a Guild Perk?

    Simply put a Guild Perk is something that can apply to your Guild to give it a specific benefit. Maybe you want to have increased mount speed when you are out and traveling. Maybe your Guild is Flashpoint focused and so you want some extra rewards from Flashpoints. These are examples of some of the things you can accomplish with Perks.

    What are our Goals for Guild Perks?

    What we want to be able to do is to give your Guild the power to really focus in on what you enjoy! Perks give a mechanism where players can effectively say “We are a PvP focused Guild” and mean it in new ways. Now, not only are you like minded players, but you can focus perks, benefits, and additional rewards to your chosen playstyle.

    Guild Perks along with Guild Levels provide great incentives for Guilds to remain active. This also provides new ways for Guild Leaders to recruit around specific play-styles along with rewards to encourage participation in Guild activities!

    How to Acquire and Apply Them?

    Guild Perks have up to 3 costs to purchase them:

    • Credits
    • Guild Commendations
    • Reinforcement Modules
    • There may also be a minimum Guild Level required, depending on the Tier of the perk

    Credits must be spent from the Guild Bank, so this is a good mechanism to get everyone contributing to the cause. Guild Commendations are earned in a couple of ways:

    • When your Guild Levels up

      • 5-10 per level
    • When/if your Guild reaches an Invasion Yield Target

      • Small Yield - 70 Commendations
      • Medium Yield - 80 Commendations
      • Large Yield - 90 Commendations

    Reinforcement Modules is a new blueprint which players acquire by combining 10 Reinforcement Components. Reinforcement Components are a bind-on-pickup crafting material which is acquired in a couple of ways:

    • As a part of completing your Weekly Yield Target.
    • A rare chance to acquire during harvesting if you have the “Harvesting Yield I / II / III” Guild Perk equipped.
    • Can be earned by completing specific Heroic Missions on Ossus if players are in a Guild group with the “Ossus Reinforcement” Perk active.

    Once a player has 10 Components, they simply right click them to combine into a Reinforcement Module which they can then donate to the Guild.

    Perks are purchased directly via their Perk Nodes. Perk Nodes exist as a new user interface on your Guild Flagship. I should pause for a moment, Guild Flagships are required to use Perks. As a part of that requirement we understand that their cost can be prohibitive to some Guilds and so in GU 5.10 their cost will be lowered from 50,000,000 down to 15,000,000.

    You are able to slot Perks based on your Flagship room unlocks, up to 6 Perks. Each Node is assigned to a specific room and that room must be unlocked to assign its respective Perk. Basically, each Perk has a Node (room) requirement and reminder, the Bridge is unlocked by default with Guild Ship purchase.. Here are the Nodes:

    • Two Nodes

      • Bridge
    • One Node Each

      • Forward Command Room
      • Starboard Command Room
      • Port Command Room
      • Engine Room

    In the interface you would simply click the node which will give you a pop-up where you can purchase and apply your chosen Perk. Assuming of course you meet the requirements, and can pay the cost.

    Perk Details

    Perks themselves have a variety of statistics you will want to be aware of before purchasing. Let’s give you an example of a Perk and talk about each of its components.
    This perk is purchased and applied into the Forward Command Room Node for 900,000 credits. There is no Commendation or Reinforcement Module Cost. It is Tier 1 so your Guild can purchase it at any level. Once applied, this Perk will last for 28 days unless your Guild replaces it. On the 28 day mark the Perk will expire and no longer function.

    This Perk grants everyone in the Guild the ability to summon access to the Guild Bank in the field for 3 minutes. Once activated, that ability will go on cooldown for 15 minutes.
    Last part, which may have raised an eyebrow is that this perk is a part of the Fortune set. There will be 5 Guild Perk sets at launch. This adds an extra layer of choice when placing your Perks. Does your Guild want to go after a set bonus? Do you prefer to just choose the best 5 perks? It is up to you. Since I used Fortune in the example above, here is
    Fortune's current set bonus (which is acquired by slotting 4 Fortune perks):

    • Increase Critical Chance by 5% in Operations and Flashpoints
    • Increase Efficiency and Critical Chance for all professions by 2%

    There are also two types of Perks, Core and Cycling. Core Perks, such as Summon Guild Bank, typically only cost Credits and are always available. Cycling Perks are typically more powerful with higher requirements, and are only available for a limited time. Our current plan is that they will cycle every couple of weeks or so. This gives us a
    lot of flexibility in being able to introduce special, powerful, limited time Perks!

    Let us know your thoughts on Guild Perks! We are really excited about this system as it really gives players the power to tailor their Guild to be exactly what they want.


    Tentative list of some upcoming Guild Perks (this is not a comprehensive
    list, expect changes to these before launch including removal):


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