SWTOR: Wartungsarbeiten: 15. Januar 2019

  • Hallo miteinander!

    Am 15. Januar werden wir die Server herunterfahren, um Spiel-Update 5.10b aufzuspielen. In diesem Zeitraum wird die Website ebenfalls nicht erreichbar sein.

    DATUM: 15. Januar 2019
    ZEIT: 1300Uhr MESZ bis 1900Uhr MESZ
    VERSION: 5.10b

    Danke für eure Geduld, während wir die Dienste für Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ aktualisieren.


    P.S. Zusatz aus der englischen Ankündigung :

    Patch Notes will be available on Tuesday, here. In the meantime here is an initial list of fixes:

    • Granny has been found! Various decorations will now show their correct appearance instead of the text “Missing Granny”.
    • Galactic headhunters have been successful in restoring a number of male head options which were not showing up as intended.
    • Players who acquire Paxton Rall will no longer see Darth Hexid become unsummonable. Note: Players who are already in this state will be resolved in 5.10.1.
    • Corrected an issue where in rare circumstances players would score every time they picked up the Huttball.

    We know there are still some key issues that have not yet been resolved following 5.10. Just a couple of examples are set bonuses not stacking properly and Companions in odd states following 5.10. These issues are scheduled to be resolved in 5.10.1 in February.